Give your business the TLC it deserves!

Are you:

  • Sick of feeling stuck and don’t know how to move forward?
  • Have you started feeling the dreaded ‘Plateau’ of your business?
  • Not gaining as much inquiries or purchases?
  • Not sure what your brands visual story is?
  • Tired of wasting precious time on DIY’ing and hoping for the best?
  • Are you seriously ready to up your business game?
  • Is your business’ road map bare or non existent?

Do any of these sound familiar to you?

I can help you navigate your business next steps – stop waisting your precious time and be that boss babe you are!

Whether your business is new or a few years old, I can help elevate your online presence  and make your brand shine!

My Brand Strategy consultations are more then me ‘pointing out stuff’ – its a collaboration to define how to make you more money!!

Branding consulting meets business coaching from a visual story standpoint

Are you ready to grow your brand??

One-on-one Strategy Session

Let’s deep dive into everything your Brand is!

Investment : Contact today for your Free Consultation!

All Strategy sessions include:

  • 1:1 Consultation: Tell me all about your business and your goals.
  • Full report brand diagnosis : I will evaluate your current and past progress. Noting any missed opportunities.
  • Evaluation on current marketing tactics, review on where your ideal customers are
  • 3 Customer Profiles made just for your company
  • Completely custom booklet with complimentary ‘swag’
  • Private Pinterest board defining your color palette images
  • Actionable action plan and goal list tailored to your brands specific needs and goals
  • Follow up 1:1 meeting : to see your progress and if any other questions came up

My goal at the end of the Strategy Sessions is to help you help yourself in building the badass business you desire (and deserve)!


Let’s put your business under the microscope- limited spots per month! This button will take you directly to a questionnaire so I can get to know all aboout your business and what problems we need to solve!

Brand Strategy Add-Ons:

Know everything you need to know for your business!

Instagram 101

Part tutorial, part strategy! I will teach you all you need to know and how you can use it for your brand. You will leave feeling like an instagram pro.

Content Strategy

Its true what they say ‘content IS king’! Get those SEO key words in strategically. Let me help you strategize and teach you how to create captivating content that also builds brand trust & loyalty.

In Depth Web Evaluation

Is your site performing to its best capabilities? In the strategy sessions, I touch on a bit of web elements. But this add-on will fully investigate where your customers are dropping off or what just isn’t working with your brand! (Must have google analytic data).

Pinterest 101

So you have great content… but now what do you do with it? I will show you how to  utilize one of the best social media resources for blogs: Pinterest!


Dustbuster Janitorial | Owner

When I went to Stephanie, I did not have any branding. Just a simple business card. I was struggling to find more businesses looking for janitorial services. She took an idea and what I would like and applied it to our business. After a few months of using her services I received several inquires and signed two major contracts!


Sanctuary Yoga & Massage | Owner

Stephanie is a joy to work with! She is very professional, prompt with her work and very easy on the head!


Chainsaw Jim | Owner

Working with Stephanie was great, she captured what I wanted.. A chainsaw! She incorporated the colours I wanted too , which I think makes the logo. Looking forward to continue to work with her.

“I think my business could use a little bit of strategy – but what happens when I hire you?” 

Here is the Summer Street Process:


You are ready to get your project going! Woo! Before we begin the start of the best decision you have made for your business – you will receive a formal contract with pricing details. A 50% deposit must be received before all the good stuff takes place!


The fun part! Tell me all your hopes and dreams for your brand. I want to be inspired by your passion, which equals me bringing just as much passion to your brand evaluation. Your business is your baby – I get that!


While you continue to be a boss , I will evaluate everything going on in your business. I will check out your website, social media and relevant links!


All the information and goodies will be beautifully packaged so you can look over all the documentation over a morning coffee (Or evening wine)!


We will meet up for a 1:1 coffee (virtually if you are outside of PEI) so I can hand over all the goodies and so we can discuss everyhting going on in your business. I will answer any questions of course!


1 Month after our 1:1 session I will contact you to follow up on your businesses’ progress and how your goals are coming. I will also be there to provide any other support that may have arose during the month.

Still not sure exaclty what your brand needs or you have more questions?

Contact me today to get your free consultation!

Summer Street Creative

An Antlantic Canadian Company residing in Charlottetown, PEI.

Our mission is to help future clients in all things on their business: Graphic Design in Charlottetown PEI, Branding in Charlottetown PEI and Brand Consulting Services in PEI.

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